Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network (MARINe)

Introduced Species Observations Map: Last Updated: 2020-06-04

Welcome to the Marine Introduced Species map! This interactive map is meant to serve as an accessible platform for researchers, resource managers and citizens concerned with the spread of marine introduced species to track their spread. We rely on scientists and citizens to report observations of introduced marine species to keep this map current. This information is used to understand how these species are spreading, how scientists should focus their research to learn more about them, and where resource managers should focus their control efforts.

The scope of this map includes the area along the eastern Pacific coast of North America. When the exact date of the observation is unknown, the first day of the month is displayed.

Use the 'Map Display Options' to view sites on the map.

We would also like to thank the following individuals for submitting information used to update this map:

Adam Obaza, Avrey Parsons-Field, Benjamin Pitterle, Chuck Kopczak, Crow White, Dan Reed, Dan Richards, David Chapman, David Kushner, Dereka Chargualaf, Ed Parnell, H. Fulton-Bennett, Jack Engle, Jan Freiwald, Jayson Smith, Jeff Hughey, Jeffery R. Hughey, Jenn Caselle, Jonathan Williams, Kathy Ann Miller, Laura Anderson, Lindsay Marks, Luis E. Aguilar-Rosas, Maya George, Maya McElfish, Melanie Moreno, Melissa Redfield, Michael Kenner, Nate Fletcher, Nick Schooler, Niko Kaplanis, Pike Spector, Rafael Riosmena-Rodriguez, Remi Le Reverend, Stephen Whitaker, Tyler Gill, William Paznokas, and many others. In addition, we would like to thank Melissa Redfield (UCSC) for consolidating this information for the map as well as for the Introduced Species Updates page.